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Having Trouble Getting Your Yahoo Group Email?

We have received some complaints that some of our members are not receiving e-mails from the Akronbike Yahoo e-mail list. 

Here are 3 things to check

1) Make sure that you are subscribed correctly to the group.  
- Go to (make sure you are logged into Yahoo)
- From the menu bar at the top of the group, select Edit Membership.
- Under Step 2 - Message Delivery, make sure that you have selected either Individual Email or Daily Digest.

2) If everything in #1 is correct, then check your Spam box on your e-mail account.  Many of you may be using Outlook or some desktop e-mail program that won't let you see the messages that got marked as spam.  Log into the Web Mail site of your internet provider and look for a Spam folder.  If you see messages from the Yahoo list in there, you can mark them "Not Spam" - this will tell your E-mail provider that it's ok to deliver these messages to your inbox.

3) If #1 and #2 don't work for you, then call technical support for your internet provider.  Obviously, they shouldn't be blocking e-mail messages that you intend to receive, so see if they can figure it out for you.

-Mark Erzen
Director, Akron Bicycle Club

QUICK TIP from Bill Brannon:

If all of the above doesn't help or you just don't want the hassle with your Internet Provider, try setting up a Gmail account and rejoining the group with this email address. Then forward your email to your current address if you don't want to have to check Gmail every day.

This should solve the problem.